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About Me


This picture is the best representation of what I do every day :)  You come in with some amount of tangled up thoughts, plans, feelings, and situations.  I will do my best to help make sense of them! 

My private practice is located in downtown Hartland, and I look forward to you coming in!  I believe that most clients aren't as interested in my education from long ago, as they are in the experience they will have when they walk in my door.  I do have a Masters Degree and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but I am mostly a mom & wife, and a therapist running my own practice, which I have done for the past ten years. 

After working at a non-profit agency in Colorado for several years which focused on family therapy, I made the leap into private practice in early 2010.  It was scary, but empowering.  I had always been an employee, but I love the freedom of being able to be creative in how I work with clients in ways that work for both of us.  

Many of my clients are interested in wellness, and my love for health and wellness has been a great fit.  I recently completed a certification in holistic psychotherapy, and often work with clients on overall health as a large part of mental health.  My ideal client will be willing to make changes to their lifestyle to support emotional health.

I like to discuss themes and concepts in session and try not to get stuck in the weeds of any particular situation.  I believe we all struggle with certain patterns, and I wish for clients to apply larger concepts to a variety of situations in which they find themselves stuck. Let's work together on shifting your thinking!



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